Upload your HUD

  1. HUD file

    Your HUD file is located inside your profile folder, in ETL homepath. If you're using ET: Legacy on Windows, go to %userprofile%\Documents\ETLegacy\legacy\profiles, then open your profile folder and find your hud.dat file.

  2. HUD screenshot

    Make sure to upload a good quality screenshot, showing as many changed elements as possible. The best way to make a screenshot is to bind a key to screenshot command, for example: /bind f11 screenshot. This way you can make a .png screenshot which is better quality than .jpg (generated by screenshotJPEG command).

  3. Your in-game name

    Use your real in-game name, as it will be displayed publicly. People might want to know who created this beautiful HUD!

  4. HUD number

    Enter the HUD number you're using, a.k.a cg_althud value. This is important in case your HUD file contains multiple HUDs and you want people to use the correct HUD you created.

  5. HUD Name

    This can be your actual HUD name (set via HUD editor) or any distinguishable name.

  6. Description

    Add a short description of your HUD, for example whether it's better for FFA or competitive games, how much is it different from default HUDs, etc. If you're using any HUD-related cvars that work best with your HUD, you can add their values here as well.

  7. Your config file (optional)

  8. Uses HUD crosshair?

    If you changed your crosshair via HUD editor and you're using it - select this checkbox. If your cg_useCvarCrosshair cvar is set to 1 (which is the default), then you're not using HUD crosshair.

  9. Contact address (optional)

    Enter your email address or Discord username (for example: kajto3#0097) to speed up the process of your HUD approval, in case any problems occur. This will not be published.

    You might also consider logging in with Discord; that way you can improve your experience with your HUD uploading and management on this website.

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